Creeper-Render Redundant and
Reliable MC Server

Best Infrastrucutre.
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Common Questions

Do the servers run 24/7?

Servers don't need a break. They are machines.

Can I upload my own world?

I don't see why not.

Can I install modpacks?

Yes, you can. Just do it ;). You can even install one while your server is running.

How long?

Servers are setup almost instantly after purchase.

How do I control my server?

We have a nice panel designed for that purpose 😉

Minecraft around India

Build an awesome community with a Minecraft servers.

Unmanaged Minecraft

Buying minecraft server in India? Get a desi experience

Spider Plan

Minecraft Spider Plan

--> 1 GB RAM
--> 100% CPU
--> 50 GB SSD Space.
--> Banglore Datacenter

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Skeleton Plan

Minecraft Skeleton Plan

--> 4 GB RAM
--> 400% CPU
--> 250 GB SSD Space.
--> Banglore, Mumbai Datacenter

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Ender-Man Plan

Minecraft Ender Man Plan

--> 8 GB RAM
--> 500% CPU
--> 500 GB SSD Space.
--> Global

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